Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Miss Nude Swimsuit Petite

Finally, one of the house leaders came down and asked what was going on. After seeing Brian's minuscule package, he started laughing, starting them all laughing. He sent everyone to bed and told them they would straighten it all out in the morning. Everyone left the living room headed for their rooms, leaving the nude Brian again on the couch, this time with an old navy blanket over him.

"Were you already into panties then?"

He gasped as my hand made contact. But instead of pulling away he froze as my hand massaged the mud into his groin. He was breathing very hard as I grabbed more mud and rubbed his upper stomach, my hand slid down till it made contact with his cock again and I slowly rubbed the mud all over his cock.

“Oh Jen, that’s unbelievable! I nearly came”.

He saw it in her eyes. Her new awareness of two things -- that it wasn't at all what she'd expected, and that he was utterly in her power. Then a cunning glint that told him she was going to apply herself to this task as she'd never applied herself to anything before, that she was going to do her all to make it something that Harry would never forget ... and by extension, strike back at Cray because he would never experience it himself.

He decided to slip the door open a little and peek inside. Through the crack in the door he saw Maria, completely naked, leaning with her back against the wall. And Lori! She was on her knees in front of her, and Maria was grabbing two bunches of Lori's blonde hair from both sides of her head and pulling her face into her crotch. But Lori was completely dressed, from what he could see anyway.

I had never heard her even say damn until that point, it both shocked and turned me on to hear her talking such street language. I slipped her panties off; the crotch was absolutely soaked with her sweet girl juices. Gently I laid her back onto the bed with her legs hanging off the edge. She spread wide for me to get my head between them and I saw a very small, tight looking pussy ready to be devoured. Her clit was engorged and peeking from under its little hood but I didn't want to go right to it. I licked up and down her slit and sucked on her outer lips as she moaned and moved against my face,

"I want you to fuck me Joe, I want this nice stiff cock in my pussy." And saying that, Donna stood up and leaned over the bed. She took Derek's cock in her mouth and started sucking it, her butt pointed towards Joe. Joe surveyed the perfection of her butt and used his hands to spread her cheeks, revealing her wet slit.

Lisa put an arm around me and guided me through the party and up the stairs to the kitchenette. She told me that the kitchen was full of people making drinks. I didn't attach any importance to using the kitchenette above Lisa's workroom rather than the kitchen on the same floor. I was just grateful that I had got up the stairs with Lisa's help. I was aware of Lisa's breast against my arm and dimly remembered that her breasts were the largest in the ladies team and I'd like to see more of them. I relaxed and let Lisa direct me.

Giorgio looked at his watch. He was in fact an hour early. He grinned then shrugged. "I was that excited to see you."

I let my head fall back and enjoyed the ministrations of her hands. My mouth must have been open, because I felt a cock touch my lips. Well, not really touch my lips, as much as slide past them. The vibrator that now inched inside me, sending me into a series of blinding orgasms only urged me onward to suck deeper. The hands that were now on my breasts, feeling my nipples, pulling them upward. The cock that was in my mouth and the other one in my pussy. The lips that caressed both my lips and the cock I was sucking on. I knew in the back of my head, that I was now what my friends would be calling a gangbang cum slut. But it didn’t matter. Every time I opened my eyes, there was this scene of beautiful people, tanned and tall. The view beyond the pool, the cypress trees and the bay. The blue sky, and the warm wet feeling of my orgasms. I sucked the cum down as it was sprayed into my throat. I relished having it on me, feeling even more wonton than before. And more than anything, I loved the approving smiles Sara gave me as I came.

April smiled as she lifted herself off her brother; his cock being held tight by his sister’s pussy muscles as she let all but the head fall from her body. April stayed in this position for a while. All her gym work really helped her out as she held all her weight on just her flexed legs, holding her body just high enough for her brother’s cock-head to stay inside, but no more. Smiling, she lowered herself once more. Lee's mind went wild as he felt the warmth envelop his wet cock yet again. The wetness was unbelievable as his cock was once more pulled out slowly of his sister’s warm confines.

I stood right in front of the mirror and pulling Chris close to me, put my mouth back on his and kissed him. His hands rubbed my back working their way down until both hands rested on the cheeks of my ass. I felt him squeeze and arched my back slightly, grinding my crotch into his.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” She grabbed an old blanket and put it down on my bed. “Use this, and if…well, I can wash it tomorrow. I love you.”

Peter drove for almost a half-hour without saying where they were going. Then he pulled into a parking lot of this nightclub on the other side of the city. It was a section of town that Michelle had never been to before and not exactly the classiest of places either.

I think I fell. I do not remember. I just remember laying there afterward totally exhausted and satisfied, Cheryl in my arms, her head resting on my bare chest. Both of us breathless, trying desperately to get enough air, our bodies glistening with sweat.

She obediently moved as he told her. There wasn’t enough room for Dean to straighten up behind her like he would have liked, but they’d have time for that on another occasion. He leaned over her, his chest against her back. He slid his cock into his sister’s tight hole easily.

We talked through our very early lunch and then headed back to my shop. The whole time we were talking, I could tell she was getting all hot and horny. Dave was going to be surprised tonight. Rob was in for it as well. I'm glad I wore a skirt today, I might have showed a damp spot in jeans.

The scarecrow unzipped his pants and produced an eight inch long polished wooden dildo. "It was a gift from the farmer's daughter. The old man never gave me any extra parts, so she gave me this. It works well and I can feel everything it does, but I can't cum with it..."

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